Random issue with bar code in work orders

I have a problem with the bar code in work orders.
Every order include a bar code for each step in the production with the format: productionnumber/step/workstation . Usually it's ok, but sometimes the bar code scanner won't read the code. For example, now I have 2 orders almost equals: 278281/20/GMJUS and 278284/20/GMJUS, the only small difference is the production number, the rest is the same, and the scanners will read the first, but not the second!
I tried print the order from several PCs, with several printers, tried with different bar code scanners, even with smart phones and the second code won't be read. So, I believe the problem come when XAL generate the code.
note: We have installed Cod128AB-e font in every workstation for generate the bar code.


Any idea? thanks in advance

  • Probably your XAL code/function for generating the code 128 output string is buggy. Try to print the generated bar code string with any readable font and compare the output string for your input string with any free code 128 generator. The result should be the same. If it is not, your generation functions doesn´t work well.