XAL cancelling problem

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I am using XAL v3.8.1.351

When we cancel jobs in XAL, the screen hangs for about 2 minutes, this effects everyone in the business

Anyone dealt with this issue before, or know what causes XAL to freeze when cancelling a job


thanks in advance

  • Hello GB,

    What kind of job are you cancelling?

    Native, SQL or Oracle?

    Best Regards


  • In reply to Henrik Hansen:

    orders that have been raised are being cancelled

    using SQL 2005


    kind regards


  • In reply to G B:

    I am unsure about what you mean by "orders that have been raised" (I am DK based).

    If you are canceling a job in progress, then XAL and the database server may be busy rolling back the transactions that were in progress, possibly blocking database access for other users.

    Best Regards