Concorde XAL, Version 2.70 - 2.80 - slow performance

heloo all,

we are using XAL, Version 2.70 - 2.80...

Concorde is located on server (MS Win 2003 R2), on clients  - XP SP2

Peridically, users getting VERRYY SLOWWW  performace when generating any Concorde  reports (fixed asetts, stock reports) , etc...

 Let's say, they wait for 10 minutes for simple operations to be done...

I have run performance tests on server - processor, memory, disk - all is free (2-3% busy)

On client PC in task manager also, all is free.. the only thing I found on client's PC is that network usage

in task maanger can achieve 20-30%...

Also, if user starts this reports directly on server via terminal client - all is fine..and very fast..

Does anybody faced such problems? What is this caonnected with ?  Is it because concorde is not normal client-

server system? Why it its  network traffic ??