Data Export from Concorde

Dear All

Can anyone help me by suggesting an effective way of exporting Master and Transaction data from Concorde.


CTV Sridaran




  • Hi,

    Tell me what you exactly need. Will try to help!


  • In reply to Georg Werner:


    I'm trying to export data to a file for reconciliation, but the debet/credit columns seems to get mixed up.

    The data in the file I'm getting are separated by "space". Is there a way to get a file separated by TAB or semicolon so the columns are properly separated?

    Or maybe get a minus sign in front of the negative postings? All I need is a way to know which posts are positive and which are negative.

    I can use both Excel and txt-files for the reconciliation program.

    Any suggestions are very welcome!


  • In reply to TexRoyale:

    There is a standard feature in XAL, in menu Periodic/Generel as I can recall - a feature called "Data-manipulation" og something like that.
    There you can define which table and which fields to export - and a format.

    If you are familiar to XAL-developing, the "manipulation" may result in a QTX, which you can change.