Can we use a Windows 64-bit version on our terminal server

Today we use a 32-bit version on our Terminal server where XAL is run.

The XAL-program is running on its own server with a Oracle 9.2 database core.

We also use Office 2003 and it is integrated with the Sales/Marketing module in XAL.

But the 32-bit version of Window has a limit of 4 Gb RAM.

Is it possible to switch to a 64 Bit version of the Windows, so we can start using office 2007 which are more demanding?

The hardware should support it.



  • Hi.

    I am currently wondering the same thing. Running Navision XAL 3.5 build #77 or something. 

    My conclusion so far is that it is NOT possible to run this under 64-bit, since 64-bit Windows does not support 16-bit.

    Did anyone come to any different conclusion?

  • In reply to erlisperlis:


    You can run XAL on 64-bit platforms, but the GUI kernel will show an error at startup due to the missing 16-bit support.
    The error is related to the VBX support in the GUI kernel, and can be ignored, but not suppressed, if you do not need the VBX support for e.g. the gant chart.

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    Henrik Hansen