Company logo sales invoice


Anyone knows how print a company logo on the sales invoice in Concorde XAL 2.60 ?

Have tried creating a field in CompanyInfo and entered the path to the bitmap file, but

that's obviously not enough.

Also, I'm unable to get any picture displayed in the StockTable.

Appreciate if somebody could give some explanations.




  • Correcting myself........displaying pictures in the stock table does work.

    So the problem is how to get the logo on the sales invoice.  


  • In reply to Raiko:

    Found a way to make it work:

    Get a font edit tool, import your logos and map them to the keys of your choice.

    Import the "new" font file to your OS, and add it to the printer driver in XAL.

    Edit the SalesInvoiceRep. If you mapped the logo to the key '!', just place ! in the upper left

    corner of the Rep, (or any other line), mark the ! and define the area to use your new font.

    Expect some trial and error until you get it printed in the size you want.

    Seems that it is possible to only use one font per line so put the logo in a place it will not

    interfer with any other text or fields.

    I addition to printing the invoices on paper I also create PDF-files by using a PDF-writer.