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XAL 3.5 native - ODBC-problems with MS Access

Anyone with (good) experience using the ODBC-driver for XAL 3.5 native with Microsoft Access 2003?

The ODBC-driver works fine with Microsoft Excel 2003 - but Access 2003 returns a failure [B)]

In another posting I've read about upgrading the driver - has anyone tried that - and made work?

Hope anyone can help
  • Hi!

    It would be interesting which ODBC driver version you are using.
    Maybe there is a newer version available.
    Can you post the version number here?

  • i have same problem...i have version driver.

    Could anyone please provide me with a newer version of the driver? Will pay!!!


    Paul (
  • Hello,

    In MS access I get the error "invalid argument" with 21003 in combination with XAL 2.7 Native. Is this the same error you are getting?The driver works fine in Excel, all other versions of the driver I tried (21004, 550011, 550013, 550018 and 61015) don't work for me at all.

    Does anyone know why the "invalid argument" message appears or does anyone have a solution for it?

    edit 1-6: Tried driver version 61015 icw xal 3.5 and this combination seems to work, but is there anyone that knows how to make it work in 2.7?