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I am looking for a Solution to use XAL 3.5 without Terminal Emulation. We are using right now dxalw32.exe 3.5 as Client Programm on a w2003 Server. Is there a way to make it easier for the User without Terminal Session? We have 2 Connections to our Branches with 512k and in each like 5 User We are going to replace the computers to winXP. Is there a Howto for my need?

  • Hi starmanager!

    I'm not sure if I understand your question.
    You are using XAL for MSSQL-Server, right?
    You are using the GUI-Version, right?
    There are some PCs that are using a MS Terminal Server connection over a internet connection, right?
    And your problem is that these connections are damn slow because of the GUI connection type (Terminal Server emulation), right?

    Well, one possible solution is to copy the whole XAL directory from your server to a local directory on the PCs.
    Than you can start XAL local on the PC but you still have the internet connection to your MSSQL-Server.
    This means your data requests are linked to the MSSQL-Sever and your program requests are executed localy.
    This solutions may bring your a short speedup but I'm not really sure. It's worth a try.

    If there are any misunderstandings you may contact me by email at m.busch at mitec-software dot de.
    You can ask your questions in german if it is a bit easier for you as you are located in Switzerland (hope it's the german speaking part of it :-) )