Hi All,

I have to connect to a XAL database through ODBC. I downloaded some ODBC driver from the Microsoft Partnerguide, and from other sites. But I did not succeed with any of them.

I spent several days on it, tried several setting. Serialized the xaldrv32.dll. At last I received an error message: "General error".

Has somebody any experience with XAL ODBC?

Thank you for your answer,

  • First of all:
    which version of XAL do you use? V3.5? V3.1? V2.8? or earlier?
    and of course do you use the native database of XAL?
    Only the native Database is accessable from the XAL ODBC driver.

    You have to download the right ODBC version for a successfull use of the ODBC driver.

    If you have installed XAL on an Oracle Database you can use the "Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle" instead of the XAL ODBC driver.
  • In reply to m.busch:


    my new employee use Concorde XAL V2.71! Actually, a very good tool to handle all the business relevant information.

    So, I like to get info directly in a excel datasheet, so I think I need odbc to get connected to the xal native database (it's not an oracle one)!

    But, they don't have the odbc driver for the xal system. Where can I get or download the right one?

    Appreciate your answer(s).

    Thanks in advance.