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Buttons In Form

I#%92m trying to create form with buttons in XAL 2.71, but I found a problem in hiding/showing the buttons. Normally, it#%92s set up by using #Frm_SHOWV or #Frm_HIDEV in Pre-record trigger. And it works in text client (Console) but it doesn#%92t work properly in graphical client.
Does anybody have an experience with it to advise me?
  • The hiding and showing of variables is a known problem within the GUI Version.
    A workaround is to build 2 or more exact copies of the formpage.
    One with the buttons and one without the buttons.
    You than can select the page to be shown within the pre-record trigger, or sometimes better, within the post-load trigger.
    A good example is the form DebInvHist.FRM where XAL shows different pages depending of the record contents.
    Look there at the pre-record trigger of the block DebInvJour.
    XAL uses the command #FRM_GOPAGE(1) and #FRM_GOPAGE(2) to select the page with the needed fields.

    Hope that this is a usefull hint.

  • Michael, Thanks for your reply. But, my problem is different. I#%92d like to manage buttons in “browse” form dependently on listed data. I took Pre-record trigger for it using #FRM_SHOWV or #FRM_HIDEV. I#%92m listing through records in form and it works until #FRM_HIDEV is processed. Then, button#%92s never showed again doesn#%92t matter if form goes through #FRM_SHOWV.
    I had to use #FRM_REPAINT at the beginning of Pre-record and #FRM_HIDEV only after that. It#%92s not very nice, but it works.