Any XAL User / Developer here?

I'm wondering if there are any XAL Enduser oder Developer here...

It's damn quiet in the XAL forum [:D].
Are there neither questions about XAL nor problems with XAL?

hmmm... if this is true XAL would be the first Software that works that good! [:D].

Looks like I have a lazy job here as a moderator... [:)]
  • Hi

    I'm a daily user of this software @work :-)

    It's running OK for now, but there is nothing done by MS on this World that could possibly work without problems. I'm just lucky =]

    Besides that I have a question... I'm looking for some manual or a book about XAL 3.5 and wondering if you have some of these??

    Could be EN DE and PL of course...

    Thanks in advance for the answer!

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