Any XAL User / Developer here?

I'm wondering if there are any XAL Enduser oder Developer here...

It's damn quiet in the XAL forum Big Smile.
Are there neither questions about XAL nor problems with XAL?

hmmm... if this is true XAL would be the first Software that works that good! Big Smile.

Looks like I have a lazy job here as a moderator... Smile
  • Hi

    I'm a daily user of this software @work :-)

    It's running OK for now, but there is nothing done by MS on this World that could possibly work without problems. I'm just lucky =]

    Besides that I have a question... I'm looking for some manual or a book about XAL 3.5 and wondering if you have some of these??

    Could be EN DE and PL of course...

    Thanks in advance for the answer!

  • In reply to Thomas (Tomasz):

    I can see you have logged in last Friday and I wondering if you can help me finding some user guide or an e-book...