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XAL on citrix closes without message/warning

Hi, has anybody seen this ?
one of our customers has XAL app 3.10 with kernel 3.5 for ms-sql running on citrix metaframe. from time to time running xal ( but no other app on the system) vanishes from screnn without warning or messsage. this happens most often when sales-updates are done, but not only in this context.
  • Hi Paul!

    I know that there are some problems with the MS Terminal Server... i read about it somewhere in the PartnerGuide.
    As Citrix Metaframe is nearly the same as the MS TerminalServer it might be the same problem.

    First of all it would be a good idea to check the EventManager if there is something logged from interest.
    I think it can be a memory problem.
    btw: what's the server version of the OS? MS NT4 oder greater?
    Do you have access to the PartnerSource website from MBS?