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Read data from Excel into XAL 2.60


Does anybody know howto read data from a Excel spreadsheet and into XAL 2.60 ?

I found an example on the PartnerGuide, that is actually for C5 2.10, but works also for XAL 3.x.
The error is that I simply cant connect to the Excel spreadsheet with the OSBCLogon function.

It works fine in a clean 3.10 and newer versions. It doesn't work with a 2.60 application with 3.10 kernels either.

  • I think the only way with the old 2.60 Kernal is to use DDE Exchange.
    There are several examples in the Developer Kit from Damgaard.
    If you have access to the PartnerSource you can download the DeveloperKit there.

    An other way is to save the Excel-XLS-file to a CSV- ASCII file and than read the Data into XAL.
    This can be done by using the XAL command

    SET &INFLDDEL = ';'
    READ <filename> AS TEXT INTO (<var1>, <var2>, ...)
    . <do something with the content of your var1, var2.... >

    I've programmed a solution based on Borland Delphi 5 and a special 3rd party component to write Data from a plain ASCII textfile into an Excel-XLS-file.