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Lost administrator and lost supervisor pass

any idea how to change supervisor password ?
(I have some but it is backdoor idea and version depended)

  • Ask your NSC. If you enter ????? simbols in the login number (as much as it let you), it will prompt a message wih a code that you'll have to tell your NSC's for getting a password for entering your database as super-user and then being able of modifying the users/passwords and set the correct ones.
    When the message prompts, it will also remember you that you don't have to exit the program or that screen before having the code (it's a ramdom number, so if you use that option two different times the numbers will be different and so the code). After having the code, press ok on the message screen (it will return you to the login one) and enter the code on the password field.

    Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)
  • Ups... sorry... didn't noticed the forum... the previous answer is only for Navision (i don't know if axapta has also the same feature...)

    Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)
  • Hello Marek,

    Supervisor is a member of the group AllUsers. In our company we have two other members in that group. Those two members can change also the password of the Supervisor.

    Perhaps it is possible to make a new install of XAL. Than all systeminformation will be refreshed and the Supervisor will not have a password.

    I have also made a small module to register(encrypted) de passwords of all users in a new table 'Password'. Every 60 days they must change their passwords. If necessary we have the possibility to read a users password and to signon as that user.
    Some parameters in XAL can only be set by the user and in that case it is very handy to have the users password available.


  • Hi,

    Jan your solution for user passwords sounds nice :)

    I am not 100% but from my understanding and knowledge user passwords are stored in the c_direct.sys (data dictionary), you can take a standard c_direct.sys and add your addtional tables via multi import. The resulting c_direct.sys you can copy to your live database and all users and supervisors password are gone.

    I have not tried this but have been told about it. Why didnt I try? Well be warned the whole database will probably reindex due to the new c_direct.sys and also be careful as some code in your system might rely on the field id or table id rather than its name and so your import of addtional tables and fields into a standard c_direct.sys may not keep the same ids!

    If you do it, a total multi complie is recommended due to the field and table id thing.

    I am interested to know your backdoor idea?


  • James,
    If you compare c_direct.sys with and witout supervisor password you see some places where data has been changed. One of them is supervisor password on/off switch.