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XAL Learning Material

Hey there

I am sitting up at the top of the world in Greenland.

I am trying to learn XAL. Especially the dataflow. I have the book "IN CASE" It is for an earlier Danish version of XAL though. I am looking for material concerning the english XAL version 2.80.8. Can anyone point me in the correct direction.


  • Have you checked the document library at Maybe it could help you.

    You could also try posting some questions here, at least you've had a reply from me!

  • My advice is dont start on XAL, get yourself into Axapta!!!

    Everything is far better including the documentation and learning material.

    Before an XAL purest hangs me, I have been doing XAL for 4 years and still doing but i have to be honest, XAL is very good to a point but Axapta takes you into a whole new ball game. :)

    The only technical documentation I have every come across is the CASE and Technical manual. There is some CASE tool with version 3.1 that maybe able to help you as 2.8 to 3.1 is not too different technical respect, but I have never tried it sorry...

    As suggested asking the many XAL experts out there about your problems or thoughts is probably the best