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XAL - Native Database - Index problems

In our company we use XAL 2.66 from 1-1-1999. On monday 06-08-2001 we had problems with the index(es) on the data-file. The file xalcheck.chk (created after DB_Run Mode=FIX) showed al lot of records with FileId=0, RecNo=0 RecId was filled in.
The data-file was obvious corrupt. We could only repair by exporting the database and importing in an new company.

Does anayone have an explanation what could have happend?

In our company we have 2 people involved with XAL-development. We have made a lot of utilities and we are willing to share them. So if there is a need for something let us know.

  • Hello.
    I'm not sure but I think that problems with corrupt database are coming from copying of database file. At first moment I always use standard Concorde tools for repairing database, I try indexing table, export - delete - import table content. File xalcheck.chk sometimes shows which table and row has been corrupted.

  • Thank you Marek for your reply. In the meantime we came to the same conclusion.If you make a copy of the file c_data.XXX when users are working with it, you can be sure the file will be corrupt. In you then, later, use this file as a backup and put it back in 'production' you will end up with a lot of problems.

    So you can only make een good backup when no users are active in XAL. In our company we work in two shifts. The backupsoftware is started in the middle of the nigth. We can not controle if user are active. We can disconnect al the users from the networkshare, but is it still possible that a user is active. The possibilities to force a logout of a user in XAL are limited. Our experience is that usage of maintimer.xal and the 'kill-option' is not working.
    So we have to find a good solution that can operate in a batchjob.


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