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Welcome to the XAL developer and Technical forum

This forum is for XAL developers and technicians to exchange views etc.

So, lets see if we can help each other out a little and open up the XAL marketplace.

Do we have any XAL people out there reading this? Let yourselves be known so we can put our minds together to help you.

I guess someone must have something to add here so lets get the discussion rolling.

Has anyone any current XAL implementation problems?

Does anyone have any ongoing technical problems that, with the changes at ND, they are having difficulty resolving?

Do you have some great tips that could help others?

What about the future of XAL? Where do you see that within the new Navision organistaion?

Keith Grinsted
ExpandIT Solutions UK Ltd
  • Is there actually any active XAL or Axapta developer on this board

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  • Hi,
    we are XAL developers. Is anybody here, who wants and need to share experience&
  • This is not really much of an ex-Damgaard software forum, but hey its better than nothing.

    ex-damgaard software users might want to check out (email) (email)

    One question or discussion i would like to start is "What is wrong with the Navision development team for XAL!!! V3.1 was okay but now v3.5 is full of bugs... and the lack of response I am getting from DK suggests the XAL support slow down is in full force..."

    Anyone wanting to share on this please do start a discussion