UNC paths and Native ODBC driver for XAL 3.5

Is it adviseable and/or possible to use UNC paths when referring to the .dat file in the native system ODBC driver.
eg: \\server01\path01\c_data.dat

Sys: Win2003 server

thanks in advance
  • From the newest documentation of

    ODBC drivers ver.

    The ODBC driver supports both UNC filenames (like \\My Server\My
    Shared Lib\My Files\C_Data.dat) and long filenames (like C:\Program
    Files\Microsoft Navision\C5\C5Data.dat).

    I think this will answer your question. Big Smile
  • Guys

    Where can I download more upto date versions of my XAL ODBC driver?

    Mine is old and works with Access 97 but not with Access 2003, its a real pain?


  • You can download the current driver from partnersource if you have access.
    Otherwise ask your dealer for a newer one.