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Debtor aging report - Adjust date setting

Can someone explain to me how the setting 'Adjust exchange = Adjust Date' works in the debtor aging report in XAL 3.1.

The problem seems to be that if the transaction is closed/settled before teh 'As at' date, with the total exchange adjustment at time of closing, the system in the report will put the exchange adjustment at the transaction date and then the opposite amount at the time of the exchange adjustment for the transaction (i.e. closing time).

The manual says to use Adjust date for when reconciling with ledger but I do not see how it can be used for this!! Number one because the report on finding a negative value in any of the columns will apply it to the next column, so in the case of an exchange loss the loss will be applied to the next column!

I really am I little confused over this setting and would appreciate someone helping me poor little brain out...:(