Fixed assets 3.1


I am not very experienced in the Fixed Asset module and need some help.

I want to bring a fixed asset into my XAL 3.1 as at 01/01/2001 at original purchased cost. The asset was purchased 1999 and has already been depreciated in another system for 1999. I need to make sure the value as at 01/01/2001 is exactly the original cost minus 1999 depreciation.

How best to do this?

Can I book the aquistion as 01/01/2001 and then do either:
A)Imediate depreciation
B)Decrease (write-down) (what is the difference between the two and which one is best for this situation?)
without the depreciation for 2001 being affected?

My concern is if I do A or B in 2001 then I do not want it to affect ledger and so my Fixed asset module and ledger would therefore be out of sync.

If I aquire it in 1999 and do an immediate depreciation in 1999, is there any year end things to be careful of (of course create ledger openning but this should have no change as I do not want to affect the ledger, but what about the FA module)?

What if I just book on 01/01/2001 the aquistion with the actual value as at 01/01/2001 and put on the fixed asset table the original purchased cost (field 'Aquistion Allocated:'). Will everything be okay?

What would be the most complete method?

Many thanks