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XAL won't let me log in...

It says that more than the allowed amount of users are already logged in, but no one is logged in! It seems like the system needs to be reset, but I don't know where to look. Anyone?

  • You have to delete the file c_user.sys. If Windows doesn't let you, you have to reboot the server or workstation where it is installed.

    Helmut Wimmer

    Best regards,
    Helmut Wimmer, NCPS, NCSD
  • Sorry Helmut but as I see Jesper is an end user and beginner I thought best to add:

    c_user.sys holds the users logged in but is not always 'refreshed'. To resolve it everyone has to be logged out and then your can try to delete the file but will probably find windows says it is open by someone and so a sharing violation occurs and you cannot delete it. One way is to reboot the server, the other is to release the mapping of the network drive on the server (the 'shares in use' on NT).

    Or if you know which user(s) are still causing problems you can get them to disconnect the network driver from their client or reboot their client PC. This avoids having to do anything so users already in the system can continue working.

    From my understanding the whole problem lies in that Windows is not so good at maitaining this c_user.sys file. I am not sure if there is any windows parameter ('refresh')that can be set to help to avoid this but would like to know if anyone has such a setting.