ask - number records not same between sql and report

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I've created new report using crystal report (version 10).

I cross check total sum of one of specific field not equal between report and Query Analyze, then I check number of records I found number records in the report lower than in QA.

how to fix it? I willing to send the report to be analyzed, I need help. thanks before.

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    ups, still no response :(

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    It is not unusual that db-systems (as SQL) return an "approximate number of records", not the exact number.

    Did your try to update your SQL-statistics? It may help...

    Updating statistics uoght to be performed on a regular basis, especially if your have lots of data.

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    to Anfinnur,


    do you mean update over database maintenance? need I to update database, not only update view? I'll try it. thanks

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    to Anfinnur,

    do you mean update over database maintenance? I already updated field and record, the first from the list update, and update security (the bottom from the list). anyway, thanks for your advice

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