help - return value in error and scrap account into "Valid" account

hi there,


I need help and explanation.

I've configured OM setup, in tab invoicing, there are error account and scrap account. somehow that account have value (it suppose to be not have value). I think this occur when I use wildcard.

how to solve this? why this happen? I need to return the value into the account which suppose to be have that value.

my question:

- how to know from where that value come from?

- why this happen (until that account have value)?

- how to fix it?

thanks very much.

  • hello there, please kindly help me.. :(

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    hi there,


    update for my case, I found that value comes from missing account in OM default account in each inventory item, because I use wildcard.

    here I make it simple my case:

    - I set account for error account (let's say 1000) and scrap account (unfortunately I set for the same account, 1000). this account suppose to be not have any value ( = 0 ), but the fact is this account not zero.

    - I found that amount for account 1000 come from inventory items which don't have sales and cogs account in OM Default account

    - since I use wildcard IT for transaction, so every transactions which involve those inventory items will be directed to error account (and/or scrap account) ; am i Correct?

    - now, I need help to change it back (may be use transfer balance between accounts) to specific account related specific items. there are 2 items in this case.

    - How I calculate the amount, so I get correct amount for each account?

    maybe I can figure like this:

    every transaction involves (OM sales account-item 1; OMcogs account-item1;OM sales account-item 2; OMcogs account-item2) --> will be directed to error and scrap account (account 1000)

    please help. thanks.

  • Hi Neu,

    I need help too.

    Do you have a Dynamic GP Accounting quick reference guide?

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    for Tanya,


    nope, I don't have it. sorry

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