Does anyone know a MD SL (Solomon Financials) professional

 Does anyone know a MD SL (solomon Financials) professional  Interested in an opportunity as a systems administrator in new Jersey???

  • I am not sure if he would be interested in obtaining your business, or if he serves that area, ... Hale Consulting (Mike).  His contact # is: 480-838-6654.

    You might contact him and see if he would be interested in a contractual position with your company.

  • Hi:  don't know if the NJ position is still available but I'd be interested in discussing the possibiliites.  I've been an SL user since the mid 90's and am very knowledgeable on it's use.  I've utilized SL on a daily basis as an accounting manger and was responsible for multiple employees and bookkeepers using various modules.  I also had full responsibility for initial implementation.

    Please let me know if there is any opportunity to discuss.




  • Yes in India.

    Please  mail me the details at


  • In reply to Chandra:

    Yes in India.

    Please  mail me the details at

  • In reply to Chandra:

    Create Cash Annual Affairs to amend Cash Manager and General Ledger accounts.

    View the after-effects of the affairs and Daily Cash Balances.

    Identify the adapted use for the Reconciling options for the batches entered in Cash Annual Transactions.

    Perform the Coffer Reconciliation action to accommodate Cash Manager balances to a coffer statement.

    Reconcile checks and deposits from Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Accounts Receivable.

    Setup the Coffer Reconciliation Import function.

    Perform Cash Forecasting application what-if affairs and scenarios.

    Troubleshoot and actual abettor ascribe errors including incorrect aeon to post, entries to incorrect accounts, and compassionate affairs created in accompanying modules and their aftereffect on the Cash Manager annual balances.