Solomon IV

I am using Solomon IV 4.2. I created an order in the PO module. But when I want to receipt the order I get an error: "system message 125". ''Divide by 0 in Floating Point Routine''.

Can somebody please assist? 

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  • Hello Luta,

    That is a really old version, 4.2.  Are you sure?   Regardless,  I think you can repair the table in Utility, Database Physical Integrity.

    1.  Make a backup.

    2.  Go to Utility, Database Physical Integrity.  Select to Validate and Repair the PO tables.  If there is any table named in your error or in your event log, then you know what to choose.  If not, choose all PO related tables like POTran, PurchOrd, PurchOrdDet, Batch.  I don't have your version available to look up the table names for you, but you will see the list right on the Database Physical Integrity screen.  Or, you can find the Schema by module or module Group You in the Help.

    3.  You do not need to check off any of the options on the Right side of the screen.  Sign other users out, then Click Begin Processing.

    4.  Test that it worked by entering your receipt. 

    Good luck!


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