Solomon does not appear to have macros (as Great Plains does); moreover, it doesn't have a lot of keyboard shortcuts. However, I was able to use Macro Express to automate some tasks in an effort to minimize use of the mouse during data entry. For instance, I created a macro for the Accounts Payable module that helps you navigate to the first open AP batch with one keystroke. Very handy. Note that it may be necessary to add a delay of a few microseconds to your macros to allow time for different windows to open (e.g. if your macro hits F3, add a short delay afterward so that there is time for the window to come up before the macro proceeds with the next commands).

Perhaps we should collaborate to create a library of useful macros for Solomon. Does anyone know of any other good macro utilities? Macro Express is very powerful but it's only free for 30 days; then you have to buy the license.