Keyboard shortcuts

Does anyone know of any keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon) other than the following:

Use the function keys to perform certain tasks when you are entering or editing data.
To: Press:
Access Solomon Help F1
Edit a field in grid view or enter a formula in a date or period field F2
Look up possible values for a field, or access a calendar for a date field F3
Look up extended possible values for a field SHIFT+F3
Switch between form and grid view F4
Clear a field in form view F5
Enter the current date in a date field F7
Access the Solomon toolbar F10
Navigating in Form View
To move to the: Press: Or click:
Next field TAB In the field
Previous field SHIFT+TAB In the field
Right by one character RIGHT or DOWN ARROW In the field
Left by one character LEFT or UP ARROW In the field
Beginning of a field HOME The home position in the field
End of a field END The end position in the field
Next record or batch PAGE DOWN Next
Previous record or batch PAGE UP Previous
First record CTRL+HOME First
Last record CTRL+END Last
Navigating in Grid View
To move to the: Press: Or click:
Next column TAB or RIGHT ARROW In the column
Previous column SHIFT+TAB or LEFT ARROW In the column
First column HOME In the column
Last column END In the column
First row CTRL+HOME First
Last row CTRL+END Last
Next row DOWN ARROW In the row
Previous row UP ARROW In the row
Next page PAGE DOWN Next
Previous page PAGE UP Previous