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Is it worth going in for Dynamics SL implementation in India (without MS's localized support)?

We're an engineering construction contractor in India, currently evaluating which ERP solution to implement.  Among all the flavors available in Dynamics, SL seems to be the best fit going by the reviews and description on MS's website.  It is, however, not available in localized version in India.  Since I am an end user (and decision maker), I don't know the challenges that we face if we go with Solomon implementation in India. There is a company who offers solomon implementation in India (they're based in the US with back office in India) and we should be meeting them soon, but on the outset - what are the factors someone like me should be considering when comparing Nav vs. AX vs. SL?  Our annual revenues are around $25M and there will be around 20-25 users.

Any help I can get would be highly appreciated.