Becoming silver partner

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    We are an accounting company in Sweden that work quite a bit with NAV and have a great NAV Gold Partner. However, for different reasons we are looking into becoming a silver partner but we will not to compete with our existing partner but complement their skills basically. So we are not interested in getting certified for the C/side test and are looking into the option of employing a contractor who has passed that test. My questions are:

     a)      Is that a common solution to hire a contractor in order to get a certification? To me it feels a bit shady but maybe it’s not uncommon?

    b)      Who can be the contractor? Can they work for a real company or does the contractor have to be “one-man-band” if you know what I mean?

    c)       What about nationality? Must this person be Swedish, or is it ok with Danish or Norwegian? What about Indian?

    d)      How much does this contractor have to work in order to be considered a contractor?

     Thank you very much for your help.


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