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Sure you can join Dynamics NAV User Group, ask a question in the forums, and then never be back. Until you again have to surf the internet to find answers to your next issue with Dynamics NAV. And again end up here on DUG. Of course you are welcome to do just that.

But did you think about what you would benefit by participating more actively here on DUG?

  • Enhance your Microsoft Dynamics NAV skill set – access valuable, practical content created by members for members
  • Increase your organization’s technical advantage, by having more knowledgeable employees 
  • Increase your personal marketability
  • Network, collaborate and exchange information with peers
  • Share your opinions about Microsoft, their products, services and policies, we hear you
  • You get to know all the other active members

What is important to you may be different, from our other members, but is there anything on the list you would not like?

How can you

In the forums you can participate in discussions, answering other members questions or asking your own. Sometimes you don't have the full question, but maybe you have an idea to something that could help the other member (your friends) a little closer to an answer. Start by introducing your self and post a question or update if you want to share something.