Guest bloggers on NAV Freelancers

I have invited some of our NAV freelancer members to tell their story as guest bloggers on our blog.

Personally I have always been surprised when I talk to other Navision freelancers. Some are freelancing as a personal choice/life-style, other got started because of unemployment and loved it. Others use it as a step stone to their next "real job".

Some only work on long term projects 3-6 months to years. Others supporting a bunch of smaller and bigger end user customers directly. There are also big differences depending on where in the world you live. Is it the same to be a freelancer in USA and India?

Being a NAV freelancer myself, I find these stories interesting. And I hope that you do too. At least if you freelance like me.

What questions have I asked the freelancers?

  • Where do you live?
  • How long have you worked with NAV and how long have you been a freelancer?
  • What got you started as a Dynamics NAV freelancer?
  • How do you describe yourself to a client in less than 250 characters? How can you help them? Skills, experiences etc. But only in 250 characters!
  • Which kind of projects and clients do you mostly work on? Long term/full time, part time, mixed? Remote/onsite, local/global.
  • How do you find your clients? Direct personal sales, referrals, internet, advertising, recruiters or?
  • On a yearly basis, how much of your time is billable? (optional)
  • How much time do you spend on personal training/education, if any? And how do you make sure that your skills are up to date?
  • As a NAV freelancers
  • What is the number one advise that you would give someone thinking about becoming a NAV freelancer?

I will go first and on this upcoming Friday April 15th. post my own story, as a templates for the next posts to come.

If there are any of our other members, whom I haven’t already asked, who would like to tell “their story” here, then please contact me.