I love Classic Navision

We are on Navision 2009 Classic Client with SQL, and all of our users love it.

We have done quite abit of customization over the years, that's tailored to our user's exact needs.  Probably the reason why they love it so much.

How many of you are out there still using or developing classic client?

I'm very disappointed that microsoft won't support users that are not current on the enhancement plan (there is nothing to be enhanced further by microsoft on this verion)

But if we were able to purchase new user license/granule, it would be much easier than "upgrading" to BC, which is in reality a completely new implementation, for not much more gain in practical functionality (from our user's perspective atleast).  And i think we all know the current state of "erp consultant" capabilities..

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  • I believe that's the common experience and the transition every client went through whenever they are insisted to move to the new version, they are so jelled up with the current version with everything like they don't want to learn somethin new or step up into new user interface for the same set of operations they had been doing for years. They had been so quick on the current version, they know all the shortcuts and are well equipped with all little things. Additionally it's too not an easy job for the partners to insist them for upgradation because again everything can not be met whatever they wish or they had been using due to the technical limitations and the architecture of the newer version coming in. So the only strong parameter left for the clients and the partners to go to the latest version is the added out of the box functionality which can turn there Business to the next level along with the fact like the latest engine is so powerful with obvious reasons.

    Classic Client had been a love for clients as well as for the partners because doing any and everything stays on tip of the hand.

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