Planning & reservation issue

Hi I have encountered 2 issues below:

1. planning worksheet->Calculate Regenerative Plan
after running, I created 1 SO (FG), 1 Production Order (FG) to fulfill SO demand, 1 PO (RM) to fulfill production demand based on suggestion on planning lines
then I changed the SO date to 2 weeks later, which caused SO fall outside the rescheduling period

re-run planning, system suggested the following:

- cancel Production Order and create new Production Order

-reschedule PO

above suggestions are correct as expected

next, I changed rescheduling period to 3 weeks, which caused SO fall within the rescheduling period

re-run planning, system suggested the following:

- reschedule Production Order -->> correct

- no suggestion for PO-->> wrong, why system doesn't suggest rescheduling of PO?

btw, dampener period is blank and Planning Flexibility in all orders are set to Unlimited

2. I added reservation entry between SO and Production Order created in issue 1)

then I changed SO shipment date to be earlier than Production Order due date, system cancelled the reservation entry-->> this is correct

next, I put back the SO shipment date to original one, added back reservation entry, and changed Production Order due date to be later than SO shipment date.

this time, system didn't prompt any alert and reservation entry remained. I thought system should at least prompt an alert on conflict of date.

any help appreciated.

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