Dynamics365 Business Central - Inventory Analysis Reports

Has anybody set up the Inventory analysis reports for D365 Business Central do you have any samples to look at?  I'm looking for a simple inventory report, quantity on hand, quantity per bin, value per item, etc. 

Please don't suggest to just filter from the item listing, this would be a report with the intention of distirbuting to non-users.  

From here, after digesting what set up may be needed, I'd be looking to create more advanced reports if possible.  I just need to get a handle on how the Inventory Analysis Reports work in the first place.  

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  • It was awesome for @Steve to share those Jet reports. I think the problem with the Inventory Analysis Reports is that there are not always available options, such as quantity per bin. Mostly data comes from the item ledger entry table and bin data is in the warehouse ledger entry table. This then restricts what you can report on. This is why Jet or Power BI will give you better, more flexible reporting capability.

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