D365 BC Premium Customer Price List


I'm aware of both the functionality to assign a discount or "special price" to an individual customer/customer group and add a customer to the group.
As well as the functionality to print a general price list, as well as a price list for a specific customer/customer group.

However, my question is this:

1. Can I add a customer to multiple discount groups ?
I.e. so we have Brand A, Brand B and Brand C, the customer is granted a 15% discount for Brand A, but pays full price for the others, then down the line we also want to grant them a 10% for Brand B, so they keep their 15% discount for Brand A, 10% discount for Brand B and full price for Brand C.

The reason I ask is that we have a number of customers on BC that we will require this functionality for.

Retail Customers will pay retail price, Trade Customers will be granted discounts to specific brands, then Wholesale Customers will be granted discounts to a number of brands.

2. Is it possible, when printing a price list report for a specific customer, to remove any items the customer does not have a "special price" for?
In SAP you can assign products to customers and that's what they can buy until you add more, so when you print a price list it only gives them the products you have added, then if you want you can choose to print a full price list for all items.

The problem we have is that we have around 50,000 items on BC, not all items are for all customers, some items are for a specific customer, some items are for a few customers and some items are for all, but I am unaware of a way to manage this currently.

All help greatly appreciated.

New to BC and new to the forum, so apologies for what might be a silly question, just trying to find my feet with the change to BC.

Thanks again,