Dynamics Navision not sending data to Excel 365 with NAV add-in

Hi All,

I have a NAV 2013 that has been humming along for 7 years without any issues.  Until now.

The situation is we are running with remote access using Microsoft's remote gateway.  From the NAV scenario, it is running fine.

Starting this month, our Finance team is unable to use the 'Send to Excel' button.  Here is what happens:

 -When the button is pressed, Excel opens, displays the correct window header, but never populates the data into the spreadsheet.

 -If you try 'Print to Excel;, it does the same thing.

 -If the button 'Send to Excel is used, the header is just a normal new spreadsheet header but the data populates.

Excel does have the Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-ins active.

In troubleshooting, I disabled the add-in and tried the 'Send to Excel button.  It still opens Excel the same way with no data in the spreadsheet.  If I go to Options/Add-ins and add the NAV add-in, Excel throws a fatal and I receive the "Microsoft Excel has stopped working" message.

This had worked last month.  The only difference is Excel was updated to version 12527.20988.  As we run Office 365, this update occurred automatically.

So the question is has anyone else experienced this and has a solution been found?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  • We have experienced this a few times and does seem to strike intermittently so could be an Office update that 'breaks' it somehow.

    On your installation media, look for the file Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.ExcelAddin.vsto (probably in folder NAV.7.1.xxxxx.xx.Full\RoleTailoredClient\program files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\71\RoleTailored Client) and run that on affected users' computers (probably requires Admin rights).

    Hope that helps


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