Generate Report pages dynamically

Does anyone know how to create a Word Report where I can dynamically create pages based on a user populated field. I want a Box Label where the user enters the number of labels they need. I was thinking to use the Integer table...


  • Hi Yann,

    Word layout reports are basically not very dynamic and you cannot make any formulas or alike.

    But as long as you can do all the "logic" in the report, then it should be possible to do. And if you have your "box header" and Integer table (as you write) as the report dataitems, where the integer element is repeated for as many time as the user request it. I think you can find examples on label reports created like that in the standard reports.

    If you are printing to a "true label printer", and prints 100's of labels everyday, then it could make sense to looking to a more advanced solution, like RichLloyd suggests.

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