How to set up a limits on labour hours/production quantity in Manufacturing?

Hi there,

We use Microsoft Dynamics 2015.  We are a manufacturing business. I have two questions related to making a change to the value put in by users in two different areas.  

  1. Under manufacturing>execution>tasks>output journal  there is a "run time" field where labour hours are completed.  We don't want users to put in more than 15 hours at a time, sometimes users put in 100 by mistake instead of 10.  Where can we change the field value to not accept values higher than 15 for example?
  2. Under the same section there is a production quantity.  We want to make sure that the user cannot exceed 110% of the production quantity.  How and where can we change this?

We are unsure how much development work is really needed or whether these changes can be made fairly quickly?  Any input will help us a great deal.  Thank you in advance.