Problem with lotnumbers in outbound transactions


I'm trying to setup WMS in business central (on a sandbox) with lot numbers (manual expiration date) for inbound and outbound transactions.

For the inbound (PO, warehouse receipt, put-away) it is not any problem

However for the outbound I can make a SO and  shipment, i can link my lotnumbers via the item tracebility but when I click on generate pick

a message appears (nothing to handle).

Another SO, shipment for items without lot works without a problem (generate pick, register pick,....)

On the CRONUS environment picking seams to work so i have checked the parameters but see no difference.

I've checked locations, item tracking codes,...


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  • Well, this error messqage generally means that you have no stock available to pick. When you dig deeper, it can be caused by many things:

    item is not on the location you want to ship it from;

    item is on the location, but already reserved for another outboud document;

    when you use outbout lot tracking, and a lot number is assigned in the sales order, it is telling you that this particular lot is not avable;

    even if the item is on location, it may be stored in a blocked bin or a bin that does not allow picking.

    Tons of reasons are possible. First thing I would check is the "Bin Contents" page. It can be run from an item card - Naviagte | Bin Contents. It does not carry tracking infromation, but at least it can tell you in which bins the item is stored and types of these bins. Then you can drill down to warehouse entries and check for particular lot numbers.

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