Purchase Invoice Line Discount not posting to AP account

My setup is not posting purchase invoices to AP properly, and I cannot find a suitable setting that affects this. I hope that someone will be able to suggest settings that I am overlooking. Here is the scenario, and why I think it is a setting.

Version: Current US Business Central (13.3) in US East 2 region (as of March 13, 2019)

1. Create a purchase invoice for any vendor and add a product to the purchase lines.
2. Select any quantity, then select a line discount amount (I am using 50% for my testing, but the error was found in production when using 100% discount).
3. Confirm that the line totals and invoice total are as they should be "IRL" - that is, if I have qty 1 of $100 item, I expect the Direct Cost to be $100, Line Amt. Excl. Tax to be $50, and the Total Incl. Tax to be $50 (non-taxable item, wholesale trade). Good so far...
4. Select Preview Posting and review entries. Expect that the AP account would show -$50 due. However, it shows the full amount due, -$100. Note that the Purchase Discounts account shows -$50, as I would expect.
5. Thinking that perhaps the reconcilation on payment-due calculations would sort this out, go ahead and post the purchase invoice. Nope, it shows the full amount due - which is not consistent with the information presented on the un-posted purchase invoice just prior to posting.

I tested this setup in stock Cronus company on the same tenant, and it works as expected, not as above (except Cronus includes tax calculations).

I have cross checked my implementation vs. Cronus in the following areas and see consistency between them:

- General Posting Setup: Inventory, Purchase, and Purchase Discount GL accounts are same function, but different numbers.
- Inventory, Purchase Discounts, and AP GL accounts are configured the same
- Vendor Posting Setup is the same
- Purchasing & Payables Setup -> Discount Posting is "All Discounts" and other settings are the same, except "Check Prepayments" (which I anticipate no effect)
- None of these setups have vendor- or item-specific discounts applied

Is there a setting I have missed somewhere?

Thank you in advance!

  • What kind of taxes do you talk about? Sales tax or VAT?

    In regards to purchase invoices they are the same, if taxes are included on the purchase invoice and shows a full amount of USD100, then that is the amount you owe that vendor and the amount you should register in AP. USD 100 is credited the vendor account and 50 is debited to purchase and 50 to tax.

    So it behaves correctly.

    Or have you misunderstood what discount is? It has (generally) nothing to do with tax.

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