ACH payment export NACHA file from Business Central

Hi All,

I am working on NA(North America) database. I am facing issue(I probably say method that i am following is not correct) in exporting ACH file from Business Central. I found some blogs for NAV 2017( and i have done all the setup what they suggested to do. But when i click on export, there is an error "The Bank Account does not exist. Identification fields and values: No.=''. If anyone tried, please help me out.


  • Not sure if this was already resolved but wanted to post in case it helps others with the same issue. On the batch window for the payment journal, enter the Balance Account Type and Balance Account No. fields with the bank account information you are generating the EFT for (i.e. "Bank Account" and "CHECKING"). The error is referring to the bank account missing on the batch itself. I hope that helps!