Purchase Receipts

Hi All,

i am new to the Business Central world, and I am working with Purchase receipts and would just like to confirm that when you receive a Purchase order there are no general ledger postings. I was expecting to see a debit to the stock account and a credit to the goods received not invoiced account, but cannot see that anywhere.

When I post preview the purchase order it seems to post the credit to accounts payable or trade creditors account and debit stock at point of invoicing.

I am used to having a goods receipted report in the purchasing module so I can age the receipts to see how old they are and which suppliers I need to chase for invoices.

As I cannot find any where in the configuration to tell BC which Goods Received not Invoiced account I wish to use, I think my understanding is correct.

Could someone please confirm this as  its driving me crazy!!!

Thank you



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