Transferring Inventory doesn't change the GL

I'm having an issue, and I think it is just my understanding of NAV.  We have multiple locations in the system.  Lets just say I have two, Location 101 and Location 102.  I also have divisions which are basically the same thing but they are global dimensions.  Again, they are 101 and 102.  When I purchase $50 of inventory, I make sure the division matches the location.  From the chart of accounts, when I have it filtered to 101, I can see that my inventory goes up by $50.  Then I create a transfer and transfer it from 101 to 102(location).  I ship and receive the transfer but nothing changes from the chart of accounts.  When I look into it I see a positive $50 and a negative $50 for the shipment and the receipt.  I tried changing the inventory interim group, but that didn't fix it.  What am I missing?  Thank you for the help.


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