Transferring Inventory doesn't change the GL

I'm having an issue, and I think it is just my understanding of NAV.  We have multiple locations in the system.  Lets just say I have two, Location 101 and Location 102.  I also have divisions which are basically the same thing but they are global dimensions.  Again, they are 101 and 102.  When I purchase $50 of inventory, I make sure the division matches the location.  From the chart of accounts, when I have it filtered to 101, I can see that my inventory goes up by $50.  Then I create a transfer and transfer it from 101 to 102(location).  I ship and receive the transfer but nothing changes from the chart of accounts.  When I look into it I see a positive $50 and a negative $50 for the shipment and the receipt.  I tried changing the inventory interim group, but that didn't fix it.  What am I missing?  Thank you for the help.


  • It sounds like you have a similar setup to my company. We have "Division" as our Global Dimension 1. They don't align with Locations for us; we're more interested in it when applied against sales (UK Divisions vs Export Divisions).  However when looking at Chart of Accounts you can use the Limit Totals feature (CTRL+SHIFT+F3) and you should see one of the "limit" filters actually called Division Filter (picked up from your name for that Global Dimension:

    Once you do that the values in your Chart of Accounts will reflect just those for that Division.  Your Inventory account should then show plus 50 for one Division (102) and minus 50 for the other (101) in relation to that transfer.

    If you prefer to have separate G/L Accounts per Location then you would have to specify those in Inventory Posting Setup but I think you need to make sure each Location's entry has those distinct G/L Accounts set up in the Inventory Account, not (just) the Inventory Account (Interim), which is only used with Expected Cost Posting which I'm not certain would come into play with Transfers even if you have ECP turned on (though I'd have to set up a sample scenario to be sure).

    I hope that's helpful.

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