Transferring Inventory doesn't change the GL

I'm having an issue, and I think it is just my understanding of NAV.  We have multiple locations in the system.  Lets just say I have two, Location 101 and Location 102.  I also have divisions which are basically the same thing but they are global dimensions.  Again, they are 101 and 102.  When I purchase $50 of inventory, I make sure the division matches the location.  From the chart of accounts, when I have it filtered to 101, I can see that my inventory goes up by $50.  Then I create a transfer and transfer it from 101 to 102(location).  I ship and receive the transfer but nothing changes from the chart of accounts.  When I look into it I see a positive $50 and a negative $50 for the shipment and the receipt.  I tried changing the inventory interim group, but that didn't fix it.  What am I missing?  Thank you for the help.


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  • Hi Jason,

    Yes, this is how it works. But it depends upon how you have setup your inventory posting groups. If you have the same inventory account in GL for both locations, then your transfer will be posted to the same account.

    What did you expect it to do?

    I have moved this post from "Technical Forum" into "User Forum", as this is a common end user question, and not really technical (like having to do with installation or servers etc.).