Item standard cost changes audit trail

Hi - is there a report that details which items have had their standard cost modified or updated for the entire year? If NAV does not have a canned report, anyone know if the information can be extracted from SQL? What table should I be looking at to write a query.



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  • Unfortunately Navision doesn't really support Standard Cost. If you want to correctly use Standard cost you need to create your own code to do so. You would need to create a Standard Cost register that tracks when the Standard Cost is updated. You need to look at Codeunit 8512 for calculating std cost and 5804 for updating. Then you would also need to look at whether you need to create a Cost adjust routine to apply the revaluations. and then track them.

    We did implement Standard Cost for a client once, but it was a lot of work. After that where a customer needed standard costing, we simply set Navision to FIFO and then ran a standard costing routine in parallel that maintained the standard cost by date and then linked this to the Item ledger entry by date and calculated the cost based on this and manually posted to the G/L.

    It is quite annoying that they finally fixed Average cost, but completely ignored Standard.

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