Item standard cost changes audit trail

Hi - is there a report that details which items have had their standard cost modified or updated for the entire year? If NAV does not have a canned report, anyone know if the information can be extracted from SQL? What table should I be looking at to write a query.



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  • Hi Phil,
    There are no canned standard reports, which will show you this.

    Changing the standard cost field on the item card is not different from any other changes to an item. If you like to register changes, then you could enable the change log for the item table. This would allow you to register both all changes, or just changes to the standard cost field.

    Also notice that there used to be an issue, where changes done by functions (like updating standard costs from the standard cost journal) would not be registered in the change. I think this issue was solved in NAV 2009, but maybe someone else remembers if it still was an issue in NAV 2013.

    But then you could do a report based on the change log entry table. Have a few clients, who have an audit report based on multiple change logs.
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