Best Practice for deleting Item #

We could always set up a new p/n, block the old p/n but I’d prefer not to have the other number out there for eternity if another option is available.

Didn't know the consequences if we delete an item # that has already been ran thru the system //cop


Please advise.

  • As you may already know, then it's not really best practice to delete items. At least not if there has been any transactions.
    They contain many links to other parts in NAV and removing them could give "issues". So unless migrating to an entirely new system then I would not recommend on it.

    Instead then I would consider to renumber the items. Give them a number, which would make them appear last in the item list. In rare cases, I have made a function which merges old expired products.
    But don't do it, if there has been any transactions the last year or two. Or if there is any remaining balance or inventory value (plus or minus).