How to Post Purchase order ?

Hello All,


This is very urgent..

I am beginner in MS NAV. I have successfully created Invoice by Webservices (SOAP). But i am not able to post Purchase Order.

If we go it from UI then when we post Purchase order, it will ask receive, Invoice and Receive & Invoice. I just want to Posted Purchase invoice.. 

I have checked code unit 91 which i think it was help me but.. I am unable to use this codeunit from visual studio.


Can you guys please help me to solve my problem.

  • Hi Aditya
    Please refer this link.
  • In reply to Harikiran BM:

    Hello Harikiran BM,
    Yes this is true...
    But i want to post it from Web Service.. and I am using Visual studio..
    I have Connected Web Reference.. where I can fetch all web service including Codeunit90 but i am not able to find method of posting in code unit 90.
  • In reply to Aditya Vyas:

    start debugging the code. On posting the purshase order, it first calls codeunit 91 "Purch.-Post (Yes/No)" and then it calls codeunit 90 "Purch.-Post". Identify where actually user interaction is happenning. You need to expose that user interaction code finally onto the web service.

  • In reply to Harikiran BM:

    Actually i never use Navision... i dont know how to debug... I am kind of noob....
    I also create Codeunit 91 and connect services from visual studio however i dint find any method in visual studio also.