How to search using "Where+or" instead of "Where+and"?


Can anyone explain how to set report filters (such as the one shown in below screenshot) using "Where + or" logic, instead of "Where + and"? For example, if I wanted only two distinct "No."s shown on the report.

Thank you

  • You would use for example No. is ABC|DEF or No is ABC|DEF&GHI.
  • Did you tried using these operators Pipe(|) ,(&).
  • Thank you all! The symbol "|" in between my desired No.'s worked perfectly! The "&" sign did not work though. I'm on NAV 2013. Wish there's an easier way than typing "Alt+1+2+4", but works for now. Thank you again!
  • In reply to leo_garnett:

    The ampersand (&) can be useful if you want to exclude certain text values, e.g.

    City is <>London&<>Paris&<>Beijing

    There are fewer occasions where & is useful in text filters but an example might be in the Customer card using:

    Name is @*plumbing*&@*heating*

    This will find customers with both words "Heating" and "Plumbing" in their name, in either order (and irrespective of case because of the @ even if the SQL collation is case-sensitive)

    Unless there's an extreme example I haven't come across, it won't work in an inclusive filter on any Code field (such as Customer or Item "No." or 'Currency Code'), because on any one record the Code can only be one value and never both. It doesn't appear to respect the * wildcard for inclusive filters, e.g. in my environment, the filter Customer No. is *A*&*1* should find any customers with an A and a 1 anywhere in the code - and we have many - but it finds none at all.